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Apple Printables 
15th-Oct-2005 12:33 pm
kiss // art by kurt hasley
Apple Make-A-Word
1 - 3
Cut apart the letters and re-arrange to make new words.

My Apple Book
K - 1
English and Mathematics - Number
Colouring, counting and close related to apples.

Apple Investigation
K - 2
Science and English
Give each student an apple and this sheet. Allow them to explore their apple.

Apple Maths - Story Problems
1 - 2
Mathematics - Number
Addition and subtraction apple-themed story problems.

Apple Seed Toss
K - 3
Mathematics - Chance and Data, Number
Have your students break into teams of 2-3. Give each player five apple seeds. Each player takes a turn tossing their five seeds onto the board. They add up the points for each seed that lands on an apple square. The person with the highest number wins. Play agian!
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